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One wick Small Tulip with Stripes faux wooden lid Candle - Clean Cotton Scent

One wick Small Tulip with Stripes faux wooden lid Candle - Clean Cotton Scent

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This adorable little striped vessel makes a great accent for a small room like an office, bathroom or bedroom but can definitely fill up a larger room with the refreshing scent of clean cotton!  If you love Yankee Candle clean Linen then you will love this one because it’s basically an exact replica (only it comes in a way cuter, way more stylish container!). 

Each candle is made with a parasoy blended wax, a cotton wick and measures a little over 4oz. The burn time will depend on many factors but I promise you’ll get many hours of usage as this wax is made to burn slowly! 


Basic Candle Safety and burning tips:

• Be sure to trim your wick before lighting your candle, leaving around 1/8” to 1/4” of wick for the best burn!

• For the first burn to ensure proper burning till the end, burn your candle for no less than 3 hours but no more than 4. You want to achieve a full melt pool so it will burn correctly with each subsequent burn. 

• This goes without saying but make sure you burn your candle in a safe place, out of the way from anything flammable, on a counter or plate that can handle heat and away from pets and children!

• When your candle gets to the bottom 1/4” of the container, I’m sorry but it’s time to say goodbye! Lol! My favorite thing to do is put it in the freezer for about an hour or even 2. After removing it from the freezer you can gently turn over the container and lightly bang it on the counter. The wax should fall right out. If it doesn’t you can use a butter knife to gently pop it out and scrape off any remaining wax. Once the wax is removed you can either discard the wax or pop out the wick and throw the rest of it in a wax warmer so you can continuing enjoying the scent for another few days! Clean out the container and you can now use your container for something else! Maybe a succulent planter, a pencil cup or just to store pocket change! Sustainably is the best part of these candles! 

As with every product we sell, these candles and the vessels they come in are fully hand made! This means that there may be slight variations in colors and small imperfections! That’s what makes them imperfectly perfect! 

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