About us

Hi everyone! My name is Leanna. I became a stay at home mom 10 years ago when I had my son. Before then I was a graphic artist who specialized in the signage and display world, working with vinyl and large scale print. I have always had a passion for anything artistic or crafty but it wasn’t until a friend emailed me a video of someone making a tray with cement that I realized I could turn my love for making things and home decor into a business. That’s when my obsession with concrete and molds was born! Who knew pouring concrete into silicone molds would be this exciting?

The Concrete Jungle is an expression of who I am and what I love! Each item is hand picked and handcrafted to be a small work of art that I personally would love to have on display in my home. I hope you enjoy it too! 

I dedicate this page to my mom & dad both who passed and taught me how to work hard and never give up on my dreams.